The Top Five Commercials of Super Bowl XLIX

By Krista Murray, Communications & Digital Strategy Committee Member

“I’ll leave during commercial.”

These are the words we utter on a daily basis when watching television, but on Super Bowl Sunday, leaving the screen is not an option. Organizations pay up to $4 million to garner a 30-second spot during the big game, but studies have shown that Super Bowl ads don’t really boost sales all that much. This raises the question: Why buy the spot then? Easy. The record breaking 114.4 million viewers (reported by Nielson ratings) that tuned in to watch the Patriots defeat the Seahawks will undoubtedly talk about their favorite commercial the next day. This amount of publicity may not give the company a boost in sales, but the resulting success of the commercial is a public relations gold mine. Below is a ranking of the best Super Bowl commercials based on word of mouth, message, and product branding.

5.  Toyota – “My Bold Dad”
This commercial is based off of the new “Bold Camry” campaign for Toyota. The ad begins with a father comforting and caring for his daughter until she has grown into a woman, when she is then sent overseas. Though the actual product may have been lost in the midst of the story, it pulled enough tears to get viewers to look up the commercial. Get your tissues ready.

4.  Dodge – “Wisdom”
This clever advertisement was an ode to Dodge as a 100-year brand by gathering individuals who have lived for (you guessed it) 100 years. The seniors give their best advice for living a happy, long life while the roar of various Dodge engines are heard. This advertisement is surely about the century-old company, and it had a perfect blend of product and entertainment.

3.  NO MORE – “Domestic Violence”
In the midst of commercials vying for viewer attention with loud noises and flashing lights, a quiet commercial can do just as much, if not more. With various shots of a destroyed house and the audio of a woman ordering pizza through the 911 emergency line, NO MORE was able to perfectly capture the fear of domestic violence with a clear and equally haunting message.

2.  Budweiser – “Lost Dog”
This was by far the most popular commercial, even before the advertisement even aired. The commercial was so hyped up that many waited around simply to watch it. Budweiser has stressed the need for friendship over the years with the single most convincing mammal on the planet, a puppy. Budweiser tugged at our heartstrings as the puppy was reunited with his owner once more.

1.  Clash of Clans – “Revenge”
This ad is the perfect formula for a commercial. It begins with the popular game interface, and then cuts to Liam Neeson parodying his famous Taken films. This is the best commercial because the viewer immediately knows what’s being advertised. Clash of Clans and Liam Neeson undoubtedly won the best commercial for the Super Bowl XLIX.

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