Discovering the New Snapchat

By: Nicole Salerno, Event Planning Committee Chair

Most people think of Snapchat as the app that teenagers use to send “selfies” to their friends. But, as of a few weeks ago, Snapchat’s image has changed. Snapchat introduced a new feature of the app that they are calling Discover. This new feature is a way to explore multiple leaders in the media through updated daily content. The news channels featured include CNN, Cosmopolitan Magazine, ESPN, People Magazine, Food Network, Yahoo! News and more. Each channel has a unique piece of information that is new each day featuring images, videos and articles. According to USA Today, “Through Discover, Snapchat hopes to engage younger generations and counteract their lack of interest in the news.”

I was personally surprised when I clicked on Yahoo! News and saw Katie Couric giving me a quick glimpse of the news. There were many different options to pick from, including music videos, recipes and beauty tips. Each morning when I wake up, instead of going to multiple social media accounts, I just use Snapchat to get updated on the day.
This is different than anything else in the realm of social media because it provides a way for editors and journalists to bring their content directly to the consumer. The consumer doesn’t actually get to choose what they want to see, which allows each media conglomerate to provide news on what they believe is important. Snapchat is realizing that traditional media is changing, and that most people are consuming their news through mobile devices.

To find Discover on your Snapchat app, make sure you have the updated version, swipe all the way to the right, and tap on your desired channel. Then, swipe left to browse through five or so different topics, and when you find something you like, swipe down to get more information. Happy Snapchatting!

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