‘Life After Carnegie’ Resumes Second Night

psu2012carnegiePenn State’s Ad Club and PRSSA are both extremely excited to co-host this year’s ‘Life After Carnegie’ event. It’s a two-day event, and while the first day has concluded, the second portion takes place tonight, March 24, at 6:00 p.m. in 060 Willard.

‘Life After Carnegie’ brings in recent Penn State alumni, in both advertising and public relations, who will share their “real world” experiences and honest advice about what it is really like for students upon graduation. They will also share tips about how students can make the most of their education while they’re still at Penn State.

There will be a panel discussion followed by an open Q&A with the audience. This evening’s event will bring in a different group of alumni than yesterday’s event, so everyone is encouraged to attend.

Those in attendance include Victoria Maseda (’13) from Dow Chemical, Brett Messick (’08) from T. Rowe Price, Kristen Prazenica (’11) from Siemens Financial Services, and Kelsey Ginck (’12) from Johnson & Johnson.

This event is open to everyone and all majors. There will also be free refreshments at the event.

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