Life After Carnegie Recap

By: Natalie Runnerstrom, Strategic Planning Chair

College… the “time of our lives.” Not to break you out of the amazingly wonderful dream world that is college, but there is another world that presents itself after the time spent on campus—the real world.

Life After Carnegie provided insight to current students from Penn State graduates that are currently working across the nation in the communications industry. The first night’s event was comprised of a panel of six grads, with most working in New York City and one in Pennsylvania. They all had different experiences that allowed us to walk in different pairs of shoes, all intertwining within the world of communications. The second night consisted of a two-person panel and they discussed how they obtained their jobs with a Q&A segment afterwards.

Lesson #1
Be ready for anything at anytime. If you really want something, you have to be ready to change certain aspects of your life, not yourself, in the blink of an eye.

Lesson #2
Get ready to work. I know, it sounds obvious, right? Well, believe it or not, we’ve been students for about 22 years (upon graduating), and that’s been our full-time job. Part-time jobs have come and gone, and maybe over the summer we’ve worked a 9-5 steady job, but this is the real deal.

On the flipside of adjusting to working full-time, there comes a surplus of free time, depending on your position at work. Instead of running off to meetings or locking yourself in the library to work on a 15-page paper, you can focus on you. Work will probably come home with you, but it won’t take away all of your life, unless that’s what you prefer as opposed to having time to do other things that you might’ve not been able to do as a college student.

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