ThinkFast to Visit HUB LateNight for SPA Game Event

On Friday, April 17, from 9:30 – 1:30 a.m., SPA and PRSSA will be hosting a LateNight event in the HUB. A company called ThinkFast will run the event.

ThinkFast is an interactive awareness program that appeals to all ages with its unique production set, mainstream music and videos, and entertaining host, and engaging trivia. The goal of the interactive program is to educate hundreds of individuals while getting them involved in an entertaining way.

Teams of 5-6 students are encouraged to join the fun, and will be given digital keypads to record their answers to trivia questions. They will race against the time clock to select the correct answer and accumulate the most points. The teams that answer correctly in the fastest amount of time receive the most points. The program’s immense success is due to the concept of wirelessly connecting an entire audience to the game, and making all those attending into contestants in a totally interactive game.

ThinkFast includes topics like Music, TV, Art, Literature, Math, History, and Pop Icons. Also included in the array of content are “ThinkFasters,” where the participants must answer five questions, each worth 1,000 points, in four seconds. With a cue to the DJ to start the music, the entertaining host fires up the audience and kicks off the ThinkFast interactive event!

Amazon student ambassadors will also be providing prizes for two teams. Two winning teams will receive $50 Amazon gift cards. The ambassadors will also be raffling off a Nescafe coffee machine and a Kindle during the event.

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