How to Find Your Dream Internship

By: Miranda Kulp, THON/Philanthropy Chair

As the school year slowly comes to an end, it’s time to start looking into summer plans and future internships. As we all know, internships are extremely important, especially in the public relations world. The right internships can set you up for your first real job after college. Since some people are still on the hunt for their ideal internship, here are three simple tips on how to land the best internship for you.

Get Organized.
This may seem simple, but you’ll be surprised at how much easier internship looking is once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. First off, do some research. Figure out where you want to work, what jobs you’re looking for, and even make a list of ideal companies you’ll want to work for. Making a list of this criteria makes the hunt a little less hectic and will allow you to stay on track with deadlines for applications.

Use Your Resources.
Using your resources is the easiest way to find internship opportunities. A lot of students are unaware of how useful the university is in finding internships. Any student can easily go to the internship office and make an appointment to help search for leads in Penn State’s database. Additionally, most universities’ internship databases are accessible online for student access. Besides going to someone at the university for help, don’t be afraid to go on LinkedIn, company’s websites, and asking people you know or have worked with already for any internship leads.

This ties into using resources and staying organized. Networking is probably the greatest tool in getting internships. It’s your chance to sell yourself and prove you would be the best choice for the job. This is also the perfect way discover what new opportunities are out there based on the people you talk to. Finding the perfect internship can be stressful, but by being organized, doing research, utilizing resources, and networking, you can find the internship of your dreams.

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