Entertainment PR: Not All That Glitters Is Gold

By: Emily Grabowski, Director of Chapter Development

Working — well, interning — in the entertainment industry is a dream! You get to attend concerts with world-renowned headliners, casually sit in on meetings with celebrities, manage events that mix work life with an awesome social life… Being a member of the entertainment industry, especially in regards to the music industry, is something I’ve grown to love throughout my past internships and professional experiences during college. What no one mentions, however, is that the sparkle of a night hanging out with the industry’s top songwriters doesn’t last into the next morning, when your desk is covered by a heap of paperwork.

An important thing to note about doing public relations work in the entertainment field is that there is a whole network of things going on behind the scenes. Before my internship this summer in Nashville, I had absolutely no idea what the difference between a manager, agent or promoter was. I also had no idea just how large the industry truly is and how many people it takes behind the scenes just to “entertain” an audience.

Coming into my internship, I thought that I would live the glamorous life of Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones and attend vibrant events and elaborate gatherings. Yes, I knew there would be intern duties involved – like supplying the office with a unique assortment of Keurig ‘K’ cups – but it didn’t hit me until recently that it takes much, much more then a fun personality to thrive in the entertainment industry.

541c46daa0761As an intern with a music management company in Nashville, specifically dealing with tour marketing, I noticed that my supervisors not only are book smart but are street smart as well, when it comes to dealing with day-to-day contacts and making sure shows are being handled correctly. Each detail in the music industry is extremely important for the success of a show, from the time a contract is signed months before the event until the last song is sung on stage.

If you want to be a part of the entertainment industry, you have to have a passion that shines through with each task you perform (and trust me, there will be plenty of little tasks!). The people I have worked with at my former internship at a music venue to now working at a top management company have shown me that the industry is highly competitive and that you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to everyday work-related issues.

Even though the entertainment industry can be tricky, tedious and even migraine-evokingly frustrating, keep in mind that the industry is so competitive because it is truly as awesome as people make it out to be. Although it may not be glamorous 24/7, if you love and care about what you are working on, as well as the people you are working with, it makes each task a privilege and each day better than the next. I wouldn’t trade my internships for any other experience, and I have no regrets about the path I’ve chosen within public relations because I know that what I am doing in the music industry makes me happy.

Even if, for now, that includes running to the copy machine a few times a day!

Image credit: hottytoddy.com

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