Taking the Leap: Six Benefits of Interning Away from Home


By: Chrissy Tansey, President

There are few things more nerve-racking than starting a new job nevertheless, starting a job in an unfamiliar place. However, internships are the perfect opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. While it may be tempting to live at home for the summer and intern locally, Woman-with-Suitcase-Train-Platformtesting out the waters in a new place can help you grow personally and professionally. Here are six benefits to interning away from home.

  1. It acts as a trial run for life after graduation.
    You may think that you want to live in a certain place after college, so in turn, you obtain a full-time job there. However, you are now stuck there, whether you like it or not. Interning in a place of interest is a trial run for permanent relocation. It is a temporary option that helps you decide if a place is right for you.
  2. Companies may be willing to accommodate you.
    No apartment? No car? No worries! Companies often realize that interns come from all over the country, so they will help you find a living situation and other necessary accommodations. They may even cover your rent and transportation costs, which is a huge plus.
  3. You can broaden your network.
    Sure, you have probably already built up a large connection base in your hometown or at school. But exactly how far does your network go? By interning away from home, you can build out an entirely new network with people from various locations.
  4. It can be a mini study abroad.
    If you are similar to me, you are really regretting the decision to not study abroad. However, interning away from home is the perfect opportunity to explore a new place. Even if it is not technically abroad, there are many cities across the globe that offer unique and fun experiences. You can always take advantage of local activities on the weekends.
  5. You can take classes from your bed.
    There are always opportunities to intern with companies during an academic semester. Interning away from school during a semester rather than the summer is usually possible with online classes. By taking an internship for college credits, as well as completing online classes, you can stay on track at school as well as gain valuable work experience.
  6. It will help you develop as an independent person.
    Sadly, college doesn’t last forever. At some point, you need to leave your college lifestyle behind and become what some might call, “a real person”. By venturing out to work in a new place on your own, you are positioning yourself to become a more independent individual. This is a key characteristic for success in the work place, and it will be a huge help when starting a full-time job.

Picking up your life and moving away for a summer or semester may seem like a lot to sacrifice just for an internship. It may seem hard, but the numerous benefits make it a worthwhile experience. So take the leap, and intern away from home while you can. No matter the outcome, the lessons along the way will prepare you for a successful future.

Image credit: www.mgtdesign.co.uk

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