Gaining Back the Collegiate Mindset: 5 Ways to Help You Prepare


By: Krista Murry, Event Planning Chair

If you’re anything like me, you have acknowledged at least three times in the last 24 hours that the school year is just around the corner. B2S-tipsYou have also come to terms with the fact that Netflix marathons will no longer be a regular occurrence in your day-to-day schedule and
that downtime in general will come to a screeching halt. If you’re not like me, you have had a summer internship and stayed consistently
busy these past three months with (hopefully) a little Netflix on the side. In any case, our focus turned to beaches and pajamas or business and professional the moment the last exam was taken, but now we need to begin focusing our minds back to a time when football season was long gone and spring break was a faraway destination.

With these final few weeks of summer left, here are a few tips to help you slowly begin making the intellectual transition back to reality.

  1. Look over your schedule.

    This is the simplest way to begin preparing yourself for our eminent arrival. Glancing at your schedule will give you a chance to remember the classes you signed up for, allow you to start mapping out your everyday walking paths between classes and begin brainstorming every aspect of the fall semester. This will also allow you to get a head start on advising if there is any issue that may have occurred with your schedule over the summer.

  1. Prepare for book fees and supplies.

    Ah, school fees. The best part of attending college, am I right? Comprehending your book fees and knowing what to rent or buy will help prepare you sooner for class. To coincide with this, buying school supplies earlier will also help your overall preparation. For instance, if your beloved school bag of two years has fallen apart beyond repair, purchase a new bag sooner rather than later. Procrastination in any form is never an enjoyable task so begin gathering your items together for a much happier move-in experience.

  1. Read a book or article that is PR-related.

    I think I can speak for all of us when I say that if you have chosen public relations as a profession, the industry is continually on your mind. When watching the news, reading an article, viewing an advertisement, etc., you are continually analyzing media based on your knowledge and opinion. This is very good because it means you have taken what you have learned in class and are able to apply it in the real world. This also offers the reassurance that even though our focus has turned away from essays and classes, the information we have obtained is still continually with us. Therefore, if you have not already done so or have not stayed in tune with the industry for three months, read any book or article(s) pertaining to public relations. In one of our past blog posts this summer, entitled “Top 3 Must-Reads for Aspiring PR Professionals, Katherine Morrison provided us with three industry-oriented books sure to get your collegiate mind turning again. This is the easiest way to gain back your focus during your last few weeks of summer downtime without the stressful assignments.

  1. Begin packing up your life again.

    Whether this is mentally or physically, start creating a packing list for a more organized move in the near future. I live in Alaska, which, yes, is thousands of miles away so I have been mentally packing my life all summer. I cannot travel back home at the drop of a hat if I have forgotten something, and I know this goes for many others who live outside of the Pennsylvania area as well. However, this applies to anyone that is even an hour away from Penn State. Packing up in small segments will help by making your last few weeks stress-free and will actually allow you to enjoy your last few days at home or at your temporary living environment (I am talking to you hardworking interns).

  1. Understand that the year is full of possibilities.

    Summer is an amazing time where you can take a break from the difficulties of the school year by relaxing at home or becoming a busy professional in grand places like New York City, so many of us dread the thought of returning to a life of projects, essays and grades. Understand, however, that this year holds so many possibilities. Penn State is an amazing place to learn from and enjoy. Instead of dreading the school year, get excited for your professors, get excited for extracurricular activities, get excited for that semester internship and more importantly, get excited that you’re going back. Because it’s a new year, and anything can happen in Happy Valley.

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