Working for an Agency: Expectation vs. Reality

By: Lauren Purisky, Communications/Digital Strategy & Event Planning Committee Member

In-great-company-logo-Final-588x277Prior to interning in a public relations agency, I had a very distinct idea about what the environment would be like. I imagined it would be intimidating and extremely hard to be comfortable there. I believed I’d be on my own at all times to figure out each of my assignments and to learn my way around the office. Luckily, reality was better than this world I had made up in my head.

Spending just one summer at Ogilvy Public Relations was all I needed to realize that agency is the life for me. From June through August, I walked into the office every morning excited to see what the day would hold. Each person I worked with was kind and helpful, and I was truly treated like a member of the team – not an intern. Every project I worked on had a purpose and played a crucial part in one of the office’s campaigns. There were no menial, “busy-work” tasks.

I had the opportunity to work with an array of government agencies and nonprofit organizations through client work ranging from the healthcare sector to homeland security. Each account team had their own routines and ways of completing the projects, but each was always successful. Through working with so many teams, I was able to learn several different ways of accomplishing certain tasks, which I will be able to utilize in my professional career.

The most valuable lesson I learned at Ogilvy was to never get discouraged, but to instead get motivated. Inevitably, every intern and entry-level employee is going to make mistakes while learning their way around a new position. Rather than getting upset with myself when this happened, I chose to figure out what I could do differently the next time I was working on a similar project, so that I would be successful. I’m going to hold onto this piece of knowledge since I’ll likely be dealing with these same issues when I start my first full-time job.

I am so grateful to have the incredible experience at Ogilvy to add to my repertoire. Not only do I feel fully prepared to enter the workforce upon my graduation in May, but I am also excited to take this next step in my life.

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