How Social Media Helped Two Victoria’s Secret Angels Earn Their Wings


By: Jenna Taimuty, Communications/Digital Strategy Committee Member

Longtime best friends, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid fulfilled their lifetime goal of becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. The two were both selected because of their lengthy list of successful model gigs, but it is hard to believe that social media did not play a price in the matter.

Some may not be able to imagine this, but Hadid auditioned for an angel spot last year, and was rejected, as her body was not quite, “in shape.” However, after hitting the gym twice a day the past year, Hadid was granted her wings after her 2015 audition. Jenner, on the other hand, covers the faces of many magazines and undergarment labels, which made her a shoo-in for the job.

These two are the hottest models on the market at the moment. Victoria’s Secret would have been mistaken not giving Jenner and Hadid their wings. They can only bring the label more publicity – if that is even possible.

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most prevalent brands on social media, weighing in at twenty-four million Instagram followers and over eight million Twitter followers. Jenner and Hadid have almost fifty million Instagram followers, which would be sure to bring the Victoria’s Secret label to a new high. Jenner alone has the most liked photo in Instagram history. Hadid and Jenner were both posting multiple pictures to their social media accounts from the night of the fashion show, which will air Dec. 8 on CBS.

Besides being totally famous on social media platforms alone, Victoria’s Secret Casting Director, John Pfeiffer, did an interview with Vogue and was talked about both Hadid and Jenner. Pfeiffer was asked if social media played a role in selecting the models. He stated, “I say this truthfully and sincerely: I think Gigi and Kendall made it in based on merit. You can’t deny that they’ve got this incredible following and have great backstories, but they have proven themselves as models” (

Despite Pfeiffer’ beliefs, the role of social media in cases such as this is simply undeniable. Communications professionals and PR practitioners alike must take the risks and rewards into account when crafting any sort of campaign or communications plan. Every company should brush up on these skills if they ever want a chance of surviving during the modern age.

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