Event Preview: 4th Annual Young Professional’s Guide To Success

By: Krista Murray, Event Planning Chair

ypgsReady for another year of success? Lucky for you, the Events Planning committee of PRSSA will be hosting the 4th Annual Young Professionals Guide To Success (YPGTS) event this coming Monday, March 21, in 158 Willard from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

YPGTS is an event where speakers who are within the realm of public relations are invited to discuss how they found their success and their advice for students preparing to dive into a professional position themselves. In years past, the Events Planning committee has invited professionals who specialize anywhere from the newspaper to the entertainment industry, and this year, we are pleased to announce that our speakers will include Media Relations Specialist Bill Zimmerman, Director of Penn State Community Relations Athletics PJ Mullen, and head of Groznik PR, Brad Groznik.

Bill Zimmerman is currently Penn State’s Social Media, News, and Media Relations manager. During his time as a student at Penn State, Zimmerman majored in journalism and is now working on getting his master’s in higher education. His extensive knowledge on communications is sure to be beneficial and due to his time spent as a student at Penn State, Zimmerman will be able to offer understanding advice from one Nittany Lion to another.

PJ Mullen is the Director of Player Development and Community Relations for Penn State Athletics. He has worked as an employee of Penn State for around a decade and has focused his professional life on sports communication. Events Planning is happy to have him on board for YPGTS because he will be able to discuss the difficulties of stepping into the world of sports communication as a young professional.

Last, but not least, Brad Groznik is the PR Strategist for Groznik PR, a firm he began himself with the help of his wife. Groznik began his professional life in New York where he handled political campaigns, advertisements for print, television, and radio, and has aided in throwing events for prestigious organizations like National Geographic. For any young professional who is interested in starting their professional career in New York or one day starting their own firm, Groznik will no doubt provide valuable advice.

Please be sure to join us for an event that has consistently stayed the Events Planning committee’s most successful event for three years!

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