Summer Housing in NYC


By: Lily Holeva, Guest Feature


It’s not easy being landing an internship in New York City. It’s incredibly competitive (especially in the communications field) and can take a lot of time and “No’s” before you finally get a “Yes!” If you’ve finally gotten your “yes” and are planning to intern in NYC this summer, congrats! The next step is deciding where you’ll live during your summer in the big apple.


Finding housing that is affordable, safe and convenient in the city can sometimes be even harder than landing the internship itself. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, take a look into NYU Summer Housing. Every summer, NYU runs this program that allows students from other universities to rent either an NYU dorm or apartment during their summer in the city. These buildings are located in some of the most popular and convenient parts of Manhattan, so no matter where your internship, you’re only a short walk or subway ride away.

In addition, NYU summer residents are provided with full access to the gym facilities, laundry rooms, and even a meal plan if they so choose. As an added bonus and top selling point for your parents, there is also 24-hour security in the lobby of every apartment building and dorm hall. There’s no need to worry about sketchy visitors or intruders, something you and your parents will definitely appreciate!

For non-NYU students, it’s required to stay a minimum of 8 weeks between the dates of May 29 and August 13. If you fit the criteria are still in need of housing, learn more about the program and start your application here.

NYU Housing fills up quickly, so if you’ve scored an internship in New York City, start your application ASAP! If you have any questions about the program or the application process, feel free to email Penn State’s campus rep, Lily Holeva, at

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