What to do with a PR Degree not in PR


By: Jess Frezza, Director of Public Relations

Often times in college, students get hit with a “mid-college identity crisis” where they are unsure of what they want to do after graduation. I have definitely fell victim to that identity crisis. Luckily, with a public relations degree, there are different paths a graduate can take without worrying about being completely out of the industry they fell in love with or changing their major.

Law School/The Legal Profession

There is no prerequisite regarding majors to get into law school. There are a myriad of majors that apply to law school every year. Public relations would be an insightful major in the legal profession because the heavy technical writing background and communication with people in crises. Even if you’re still passionate about public relations, most agencies and firms have in house attorneys.


Public relations and marketing are very similar. If sales and persuasion is more your route instead of constant ongoing conversation, marketing may be more your route. Marketing typically offers more opportunities for creativity and artistic outlets.


As technology and times rapidly change, many companies will turn to consulting firms to get insight on how they can make the most of their company. Consulting is a great option for the person who loves giving out advice and who wants to try working in another multi-account field. With a public relations background (especially from Penn State), you already have a strong understanding on how the industry works.


After learning the qualities of a great public relations professional and knowing how to interact with many different types of people, recruiting or talent acquisition may be the field for you. It’s fairly common to see public relations graduates move onto the world of recruiting because they are familiar with the new technology in the industry and the qualities of people who know how to use them. After graduation, most alumni still have strong ties to their university and know who is the best talent for a company.

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