5 Social Media Management Tools To Learn Today

By Elissa Hill, Director of Chapter Development

Love it or hate it, digital is here to stay. In today’s media environment, even the most traditional public relations roles probably have something to do with social media management, whether it’s for a brand or for your personal use.

If you’re headed to the job or internship market, you should at least be familiar with these five popular tools for managing social media. Check out some tutorial videos or try to use them to manage your personal social presence to get the hang of it!

  1. Sproutsocial

It’s almost impossible to explore the features of Sproutsocial in one sitting. In addition to Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn integration, the platform specializes in advanced analytics (read: the numbers that impress your boss). Visualize important metrics and even compare your social impressions and engagement to other brands you consider “competition.” Sproutsocial is a paid platform, so it’s not the easiest to explore on your own, but it’s worth taking the time to watch a few YouTube tutorials.

  1. HootSuite

One of the most widely used social media management platforms, HootSuite is great for integrating both Facebook and Twitter. If you’re interested at all in digital marketing or social media, you’ll likely work with a brand that uses HootSuite at some point. The platform itself is pretty self-explanatory, but exploring its wide range of capabilities now can help you down the road.

  1. Buffer

Buffer integrates with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Basically, you can use it to queue articles or other content that you want to share throughout the day. The platform staggers posting times through all three social outlets so you don’t have to worry about choosing specific times to post your content pieces. Use the Google Chrome extension to make the most of Buffer. It works great for smaller brands, but it’s easy to use and test out on your personal accounts, as well.

  1. Tweetdeck

If your brand is on Twitter, you should be using Tweetdeck. This desktop-only platform allows you to schedule tweets (a must for any management platform) and also track other sections of the Twitter-verse in columns – like other users, your own mentions or specific hashtags and phrases. Tweetdeck is especially useful if you manage multiple accounts. Power users can even use it for personal accounts.

  1. Bit.ly

While Bit.ly might not be technically considered a social media management platform, it can truly take your brand’s social presence from zero to hero. Custom links (like colleg.in/xxxxxx or onward.st/xxxxxx) create the most professional tone and appearance, but even shortenng your links to bit.ly/xxxxxx can make all the difference – especially if you’re using a social outlet with word or character limits.

It’s all about the #brand. Happy socialing!

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