So You Didn’t Get The Summer Internship

By: Morisa Young, Director of Finance

Before you know it, it’s suddenly April, then May, and then you soon find yourself without an internship. Before completely giving up hope—don’t. There are many internships that don’t start until late June so you never know what’s going to open. But if all else fails and you still find yourself without an internship, there are a few things you can do over the summer to prepare for the return to school.


Take the time to work on your resume. Once you perfect it, make different versions to brand yourself to multiple companies. If you are applying for an event planning position, tailor your resume for event planning. If you’re looking at social media jobs, highlight all the work you’ve done with social media for past internship or organizations. By doing this, you have multiple copies of your resume ready for when you start applying to positions.


Don’t forget to work on your LinkedIn profile. Make sure everything, from jobs and extracurricular activities to profile pictures, is up to date. When school starts, you’ll be thankful that your profile is updated and ready to go. In addition, connect with people you know to build your network. Make the connections now, so you won’t be rushing to connect with people later on.

Fall internships

If you have time in your schedule, apply to fall internships around campus. There are a lot of internship opportunities available in places you might not realize, some that you can take for class credit. Pay close attention to the emails that Bob Martin sends out and apply to any that you’re interested in. It’s a great way to build your resume and earn class credits at the same time.

In the end, it’s not going to destroy your career if you don’t get an internship over the summer. Find a way to stay busy and really focus on branding yourself.




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