Technological Advances Improving the Fashion Industry

By: Jordan Mills

There’s no doubt that technology is taking over the world, yet it is less commonly known in the fashion industry and the sales within. With emerging trends in the fashion industry, it is hard to keep up with the changes on hard copies of news. Rebecca Minkoff has been killing the fashion industry since she moved to New York City when she was eighteen years old to pursue her dream, making the big apple her niche even in a small age.

Minkoff introduced the idea of ‘See Now, Buy Now,’ which allows the consumer to see the latest trends of her line on Instagram and Twitter and click-to-buy immediately. Her idea is ingenious because it not only gets the line out to everyone in a faster manner, but it makes it easier to create original designs and keep them unique without other designers to take the ideas. Not only is Minkoff outdoing every other designer with her social media tactics, she is also one-upping the entire retail industry as a whole.

The flagship Rebecca Minkoff store in New York City, for example, introduced consumer-friendly interactive mirrors and a video wall to help customers find the perfect product for them individually. The wall is not just any typical touch screen wall, it can do the basics such as show the latest trends from her line, and can also add items to fitting rooms, order drinks shop, and get a one-on-one stylist session by clicking “send to my room.” Upon having your fitting room ready, customers will receive a text message to let them know that they are good to go. The fitting rooms are equipped with different lighting settings to give customers the perfect look, or feel, to match the item they are trying on, never leaving a customer with a complaint that the lighting makes them look a negative way.

With the constant changes of technology in our society, these exciting new aspects will appeal to most consumers. With retail, the experience the customer had buying that certain product can make or break the purchase, and whether or not they will return to buy more items. Since introducing the more technologically advanced way of marketing, the Minkoff brand has gone up 200% in sales. With the brand’s main source of advertising being directed towards millennials, there is no wonder why they have been so successful. Hats off to you, Rebecca Minkoff, with creating a new and unique way for all interested customers to shop.



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