Let Go of the Comparing Mind

By: Alyssa Cimino

Do you think that social media gotten out of hand? To the point where self-esteem is at an all time low?

Social network sites, such as Instagram, have been attracting millions of users who continuously use this application in their daily lives. Social media as a whole allows users to create public or private profiles that allows others to see and respond to one’s posts.

As the use of social media has increased over the years, it is evident that teenage girls have become more involved. Young girls are consumed with Instagram, that they care so much about certain aspects such as, the number of likes they get or how they look in a picture. Then there are the girls who compare themselves to other girls that get an absurd amount of likes and believe they are not good enough or pretty enough. Thus, teenage girls, specifically the ages from 13-20, should limit their time on social media worrying about the number of likes they get or admiring other girls because it decreases their self esteem.

It’s impossible to make every single girl limit their time spend stalking “insta famous” girls on Instagram. However, it is possible to influence girls who have been affected by Instagram that would like their self-esteem to go back to where it used to be.

Due to social media, there is more pressure on the average teenage girl to look “perfect”. The word perfect is a new popular word in every teenage girl’s vocabulary. It a new phenomenon that girls who do not receive a high number of likes on their picture means that it was an ugly picture, or not “cool” enough. Since when did the number of likes dictate if you are cool or pretty? It does not make sense. Girls get insecure when they do not receive as many likes as they would hope.

This needs to change now before younger generations experience this as well. Not only are teenage girls caring about what the other girls look like in their pictures but also the amount of likes they get on a picture.

It’s more important to let go of what you think you are supposing look like or be like, and always be who you are.



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