Studying Hacks

By: Taylor Feinman

Studying is probably the thing I do most in college, right after napping. I found that the smaller homework assignments that I was used to completing daily in high school were barely existent in college, and my grades would largely be based on exams for most classes. Exams in college are important, because typically there’s only 3 or 4 per semester for each class. This is why developing good study habits is crucial to success in your college courses, and especially if you need to maintain a certain GPA for your major, as I have to do with PR.

Finding what study method works for each of my classes is the first thing I do every semester, and the first exam is usually a trial run for this. In Spanish 3, I found that making flash cards for the vocabulary and a study guide for the grammar was the most effective study method. I did this for every exam, and ended up doing well in the class.

In addition to finding out what study method works for which classes, you have to dedicate time to actually studying the material you prepare. A really great tip I have is studying while doing laundry. It’s really effective to take breaks while studying, but I know sometimes my short breaks turn into hours of distraction. Doing laundry while studying forces me to take a few breaks to switch my laundry and bring back and fold it, without the breaks taking too long.

Finding a good place to study is also important to succeed in studying. For me, the library is really far from my dorm and I can never find a place I’m comfortable; it’s also crowded. My favorite places to study are actually in my dorm. I take advantages of the couches around the dorm, the various study rooms, and even my own desk. I try to change up my location if I’m studying for multiple hours, but this way I can stay in the same vicinity.

Finding what study habits work for you is really important in college, and it requires independence and responsibility. It’s especially important to find out what works for you, because everyone’s studying habits are different, but having the determination to succeed makes studying a lot easier.

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