It’s Okay to Attend a Commonwealth

By: Lauren D’Orazio

All the waiting is finally over. The big white envelope in the mail stands out amongst the bills and junk in the pile. I’m too excited that I tear it open as quickly as I can, only to find that it says, “Welcome to Penn State Altoona!”.

I have never been more devastated in my life. All of my dreams, crushed in that one moment. What was I supposed to do now?

I wasn’t about to give up on my Penn State dream, so I sent in my deposit for the Fall of 2015 for Penn State Altoona. It is the best decision I have ever made.

Commonwealth campuses are often overlooked or looked down upon, and many people don’t want to go to one in fear of hating it or being judged by peers for not getting into University Park.

But the Penn State education is the same among every campus. Everyone is working towards the same thing; to get a degree. The only difference is the campus.

Since most people finish their general education classes at a commonwealth campus, students get more attention in subjects that might be difficult for them. Students are encouraged to visit their professor’s office hours to talk about coursework, or just chat.

Involvement on campus is important at commonwealth campuses. From THON to Lion Ambassadors, students can find their niche and purpose on campus. There is always something happening on campus.

Although I, and I’m sure many other students, were nervous about going to a commonwealth campus, I was lucky enough to have experiences unlike anything else that some people get in college. It is okay to go to a commonwealth campus; you never know who you might meet or what you may do!

We are one campus. We are Penn State!

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