From Journalism to PR: Why I Changed My Major

By: Lauren D’Orazio

Most graduating high school seniors either have their whole life planned out or have no idea what they want to do. Choosing a major can be a tough choice for some. Luckily for me, majoring in communications always had the most appeal.

I applied to Penn State majoring in journalism because I love writing and thought my life would be like Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30. One day towards the end of my first semester, I was randomly browsing the Penn State College of Communications website to familiarize myself with the college. As I kept investigating the other majors offered, I realized that public relations was the major for me.

People often poke fun at me for talking fast, walking fast and overall always seeming to be in a rush. I’ve always joked that I live life in the fast lane, and PR professionals have that same mindset. You always need to be on your toes when working in PR. Even though I do everything at a faster pace than others, I remain organized and have a method to my madness. Everything is written down in my calendar and I have weeks at a time planned out, which is essential when working in PR. I’m always on my phone checking social media and keeping up with the news, especially pop culture.

The little “quirks” I get made fun of for fortunately led me to my career path. The Myers-Briggs test was right. Everything about my type-A, ESTJ personality was leading straight to PR. Using the “quirks” and skills that come naturally to me will be an asset once I’m in the workforce. A wide variety of individuals and companies always need PR, making this ever-changing field so fresh and exciting.

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