Utilizing the Summer

By: Mackenzie Stagnito

Welcome to summer! I am very much looking forward to helping lead the extraordinary group of ladies on our executive board next school year, along with our president Holly Rubin. Seeing the hard work already executed to propel this organization makes me very optimistic that we will succeed in accomplishing our goals this fall.

While the break from classes and stressful workloads is behind us for the moment, the season of working and internships is here. As many college students can attest, finding an internship is not an easy task. However, if there is anything I have learned through the internship process, it’s to disregard the word “no” and continue to persevere. Applying to 50+ internships and receiving little response can admittedly be discouraging. However, the lesson within this circumstance is to evaluate yourself to determine the root of the problem with your application. Always remember that just because you may not be the right fit for one company does not mean your perfect match isn’t out there. It is worth the wait once you finally receive the congratulatory phone call.

No matter what you have planned for the summer, you can continue to strengthen your communications skills away from campus.  Never reject an opportunity to engage with people, sharpen your writing or catch up on what’s happening in the world. Even working at your local diner is good practice in interpersonal communication and sales! Never let your job title discourage you from gaining the most out of a situation. Utilize these months to practice some of your PR skills and create a larger network of professionals, whether through a formal organization or individually. Now is a great time to seek out a mentor and gain some advice to carry with you through the rest of your college and professional careers.

Maybe you scored that perfect internship, or maybe you are a cashier at a local boutique. Either way, there can be valuable professional experience hidden in any opportunity this summer. Make the most out of it and come back refreshed and ready to work in August!


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