The Power of Micro-Influencers

By: Avery Holland

This summer, I’m interning at a public relations firm in New York City that deals with clients in the beauty, media and food and beverage industries. As part of the firm’s PR efforts, one of their main ways of promoting their clients is through influencers on social media. This includes the firm reaching out to different bloggers, celebrities, models or social media personalities to post about the client’s brand or new products on their social channels.
Going into the internship, I assumed that firms would want to work with influencers who were the most popular or had the largest number of followers so that the companies received maximum exposure. However, I found out that wasn’t always the case. I soon learned about micro-influencers and why they could be such vital parts of a company’s social media campaigns.
You may be wondering, what is a micro-influencer? A micro-influencer is typically someone with between 10,000-500,000 followers on their social channels who have “influence” over their followers in a certain niche, whether that be lifestyle, beauty, health and wellness, parenting, etc.. They are seen as “normal” people like you and me rather than celebrities which can help them relate to their followers.
Why use micro-influencers? Because micro-influencers do not have as many followers as macro-influencers, they have higher levels of engagement with their followers. This involves them replying to their comments, listening to their feedback, or forming relationships with them. Because they engage with their followers and are seen as “normal” people, this allows their followers to trust their opinion on certain companies or products. This kind of connection is extremely useful for PR efforts as followers will actually stop and read the micro-influencers’ posts rather than see the post as another celebrity getting paid to advertise.
The world of PR is constantly evolving and changing which is what makes this field so exciting. Learning about micro-influencer marketing is just one of the many things I have learned about at my internship so far, and I can’t wait to see what the next big thing in the industry will be.

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