The Benefits of a Brand Ambassadorship

By: Rachael Lowe

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be returning to Penn State’s chapter of PRSSA after being involved on the event planning committee and now being a co-director of chapter development. Although many people speak about their internship opportunities that they have had throughout college, I wanted to speak about another great opportunity that is offered by so many different companies.

Being a brand ambassador for various companies throughout college has opened so many doors for me and has given me great experience in the public relations world. In the past, I have been a brand ambassador for startup companies, job recruitment companies and now I’m one for a highly known music festival, Firefly. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “what even is a brand ambassador?” Well, I’m here to inform you! A brand ambassador, also sometimes referred to as a campus manager if you’re working on a college campus, promotes a company, brand or pretty much anything that can be promoted. Sometimes you can be paid for promoting the brand or service, or you can be given rewards.

My first program was with a startup company called Tradeversity. It was a company that was almost like the Facebook marketplace, but geared entirely for college students. So, students at different campuses could buy, sell or trade anything from furniture to text books. As a brand ambassador, my role was to go to different organizations and tell them about the app. As I got more people to download and use the app, word spread throughout campus, and I was rewarded. This was a great way to get my foot into the door with brand ambassadorship because it gave me opportunities to speak publicly to a large group of people and make connections with other brand ambassadors at various colleges who also had the program.

My favorite brand ambassador program that I have done for the past three years and am still a part of is for Firefly Music Festival. I have been attending this festival since 2015 and was so excited when they announced this program! The task delegator would give weekly assignments, which could include things like handing out flyers, hanging up posters or even giving away free passes to the festival. If you completed every task, you would be given two free passes for the festival weekend! (I told you there were great rewards!)

With public relations being my major and having such a strong interest in the music industry, brand ambassadorship programs really have helped me make long lasting connections and get more involved. Sometimes you may not have enough time for an internship, and that’s okay! It is super easy to find brand ambassador programs, and I think they are just as great!

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