Remote Internships: The Good, The Great and The Challenging

By: Emma Kauffman

This summer, I spent half of my time at home and the other half at school. I was given a leadership position that allowed me to work with incoming freshman pursuing majors in the Bellisario College of Communications. Long story short, I knew I needed real world experience and that most companies don’t take interns for half the summer.

My solution? I opted for a remote internship. Here’s the inside scoop of having an internship you can do from home.

The Good: I made my own schedule and I got to work from wherever I wanted to. This allowed me to do what needed to be done each week, while living pretty much unrestricted. Having this freedom made me rely on my own time management to get things done and done well. Overall, I’m grateful to have had this opportunity teach me how to balance tasks and time.

The Great: I did work that challenged me in a fluid environment. This opportunity did not deter me from asking for work I hadn’t done before. My boss was very willing to make my projects focused around things I wanted to learn about and better myself in. This style of internship has been my favorite thus far. Allowing interns to pick specific subject areas where they need growth is not only a great perk of the job, but it’s also good for resume expansion.

The Challenging: I was fortunate enough to not face the many challenges that could come with this type of position. There were, however, some things that made this position a challenge. Not seeing my boss every day, or even every week, made it seem like the work that I was doing wasn’t being recognized. I’m the type of person who prefers to be able to ask if things look okay before sending in a final draft. With a remote position, it can be hard to get a hold of your boss especially if you’re working odd hours in different time zones. My boss and I were communicative, but it would have been nice to meet in person.

In summation, any opportunity will be what you make out of it. I was very lucky to find an internship that had great projects for me to work on to expand my skill set. Make sure you’re talking to your advising office and career services to find opportunities that are a good fit for you!


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