Academic Advisor

Dr. Ann Marie Major, Penn State PRSSA Faculty Advisor

Ann Marie Major is an Associate Professor with the Pennsylvania State University and teaches course in public relations campaign development and communications management. She is also the Director of the Jimirro Center for the Study of Media Influence where she manages research projects by evaluating the impact of mass media and interpersonal communication on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.

Before becoming a professor for Penn State University, Dr. Major worked with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge’s Department of Environmental Protection Public Relations Committee for Establishing Streamside Riparian Buffers. She has worked on projects in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India, Algeria, Egypt, France, and Australia

She has authored articles in Journalism Quarterly, the International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, the Journal of Public Relations ResearchPublic Relations magazine and the Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising.She’s also co-author of the book “Good-Bye Gweilo: Public Opinion and the 1997 Problem in Hong Kong.”

If you have any questions, email Ann Major.

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