Membership Points

In order to be considered an active member of Penn State’s Chapter of PRSSA, you must earn eight membership points per month and pay dues. You can receive points by attending meetings, events, workshops and by writing blog posts. Attendance will be taken during all meetings and events in order to keep track of how many points you have.

Our ‘Active Members’ list will be updated on the first of every month so recruiters and potential employers can verify your involvement with PRSSA.

Event Points
General meetings 3
Committee meetings 2
Attending fundraisers and events 1
Working a committee event 1
Workshops 1
Writing a blog post 1

Benefits of Active Membership: 

  • Positive review can be provided to potential employers.
  • Extra networking opportunities with guest speakers.
  • Potential to receive special recognition.

Please contact our Director of Membership, Sara Salter, with questions.

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